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2014 Equus Bass770. Singular in feeling with fastback styling, authentic and sensual body silhouette, here’s a flawless jewel, a collector’s piece with gutsy power that you will never forget. Looks like it’s going over 100mph standing still. Watch the video and see for yourself how cool this new car brand is going to be. Of […]

Brian videotapes the 2007 Palo Alto Concours which had many supercars including: Saleen S7 Ferrari F50-F50GT1-and 599 GTB, Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, Pors…

What’s in your garage? Toronto Star Wheels editor Mark Richardson gets a close look at Robert Herjavec’s extensive car collection; and these are not the ‘Mat…

Exotics Car Cruise reaction, Summer 2009 with Grigio Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera–Thanks to SubaruWRXFan for edit.

Veyron, Reventon, Carerra GT, Continental SS, Enzo, 8c, S7, etc.! Amazing. Being in a room with all these cars together is surreal. Its even cooler because t…

Check out some of the world’s most exotic cars in a before and after picture. Totally these cars are worth millions in the before picture. In the after picture they are on their way to the junk yard. What a shame. Check out the video.

Puerto Rico Porsche and Exotic Car Rally music for 1st half of the video by : Daft Punk, The Game Has Changed.

A great exotic car line-up from a Jaguar XKR-S to a Ferrari FF and from a Porsche Carrera GT to a Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 V12! First I show you this amazing line up going down the string of these exotic cars. Then you can see the cars accelerating through a tunnel and hear the loud […]

100 or more supercars at the 2008 Auto Affair Performance Car Show. The video shows the exotics arriving at the show. Some start up, some fly by, and some rev up the engines as they just keep on exciting the crowd. Truly a great experience to see all of these exotic cars roll by.

WOW! Is all there is to say when you check out this DEA bust video. Somebody will not have a good day when they realize that their warehouse chocked full of fast exotic cars was seized and then shipped off. One after another you will be amazed at all of the really cool cars that […]

Funny Ferrari and Audi fast car commercial. Two guys go to a car dealer to rent a car. They pull up to a stop sign and two girls tell them they are hot. So they go to the party and fall asleep wearing bear costumes. Wake up and realize they have to get the cars […]

This is a compilation of the best supercar moments I have filmed in 2012. Rides, huge gatherings and more! I have to say this year has been amazing for cars. Check out the video and see how much fun it really is to ride in one of these beasts. Racing down the road or just […]